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You only turn 8 once


She was just too adorable when her fins moved like that and Venice laughed softly, casually pulling her a little closer and swaying with her, spinning her around quickly and then resting an arm on her lower back in case the alcohol combined with the moves was too much for her head at that moment. 

Matthias laughed when he watched them both, happy to just be there.  Thinking quickly, he pulled out his palmhusk and took a candid shot of the two of them dancing, intending on printing it off later to put on his wall.

Her proximity to Venice along with the dancing and alcohol combined and made her quite a bit dizzy, so much so that she grabbed a hold of his arms and was thankful he was holding her in place, because she wasn’t too confident in her grip at the moment. 

She laughed nervously, amused at her own shakiness. She had never danced like that before.

Can I Kiss You? (my troll Paetyr to any of your trolls~) --soulfultrolls



((lo siento the only trolls i have that wouldn’t refuse something like that are mocha and gurren and since im already rping w/ you using mocha heres gurren ;u;))

"Uh. sure."

> You were a bit taken aback by the request, but you didn’t see the harm in letting the smaller troll kiss you, so you leaned over to let them do so. It was kind of surprising considering that most trolls you met found you intimidating.

((omg that’s actually perfect.  Paetyr loves muscles XD))

>You do find this troll exceptionally intimidating, but you are in one of your braver moods.  You need to do this before it deserted you completely, as it was like to do as soon as you finished kissing him.

>You don’t dare answer him, afraid your voice would squeak and ruin this entire experience for you.  You get on your tiptoes and kiss him on the chin, a small hand pressed against his very nicely toned chest.  You don’t need it there, you’re actually pretty well balanced, but this guy didn’t need to know that.

>You meant to peck him on the lips but you chickened out at the last second.  Once you peck him on the chin you dart behind the nearest thing you can, which just so happens to be a very spikey bush.


> Your eyebrows drew together in concern, although unbeknownst to you it made you look like you were glaring at the poor troll.

"Are you all right..?"

> You took a couple of steps towards them and idly rubbed your chin, not used to receiving kisses that warm. The damage probably wasn’t that bad but you wanted to make sure the smaller troll was ok.


Patrin took little comfort in those words for he knew his lusus was not a battle hardened creature. He felt confident that it would have taken every precaution available to take to safety. 

"Thank you for your constant aide even though i never assist you in anyway"

He felt ashamed at his failure to overcome his wounds and take care of himself.

He wondered if this was his lot in life.
To be useless.
To be pitiful.

Rosale saw the self pity on his face and that irritated her even more than coming into this thick soup on an unnecessary rescue mission had.

"Why do you doubt yourself? It is a useless waste of energy and time. Acknowledge your limits and work to move past them."

With her words she started advancing on the other troll, power and aggression evident in her unusually heavy steps. She wasn’t trying to hide her presence now, she intended to leave an impression, and she didn’t stop until he was backed up against a tree.

"You alone had the strength of will to defy your master and escape. You alone were able to cross the desert with your lusus in tow. You alone decided to venture out into a dangerous forest in order to rescue your lusus when weaker trolls would have stayed in safety.

Do not dare disregard yourself in my presence for I will not pretend to entertain such false notions of weakness.”

Her voice was practically a growl at this point and her eyes blazed almost white with her conviction.

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Artist: Alexander Rybak
Album: Melodi Grand Prix 2009
Song: Fairytale
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Fairytale - Alexander Rybak (Album art I chose is not miiiiiiiiiiine >3< It belongs to Emily Hu~!<3)  




1. a female water-sprite or nymph.

2. the elemental being of water.

Etymology: from Modern Latin undina, from Latin unda, “wave”.

[Benjamin Lacombe - Ondine]

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Artist: Fall Out Boy

Song: Centuries
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└▶ Centuries || Fall Out Boy

Some legends are told
Some turn to dust or to gold
But you will remember me
Remember me for centuries!
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CAN I KISS YOU? ((from mocha to anyone HAVE FUN))



((eeeeeee ROCKER TROLL let me throw my electric violin troll at them.  Mocha sounds like a such a badass, Harper probably swooned a little when she asked.))

"How could ! saw no to you, M!ss H!ghblood!"

>Get down on one knee since you’re significantly taller than Mocha, and also to show her the respect her blood status deserved.  You don’t move to kiss her since she asked if she could kiss you, and because that would be incredibly rude of a lowblood such as yourself!


>You smile warmly at Mocha, your cheeks dusted a soft honey at the adorable way that she fidgets because of you, a lowblood.  It’s strange, but it makes you feel…happy.  Your chest bubbles with happiness at the mere thought of such a cute yet strong looking seadweller wanting to kiss you, and you nearly sigh in bliss when she actually does.

>It stirs in you an uncharacteristic bravery that has you stepping out of your normal bonds.  This is a chance you are willing to take though, and you have no doubts in your mind that it will end happily.

"H!ghblood, !f !t’s not too bold of me to ask…may ! kiss you?"


> You blinked and looked at him in incomprehension before your whole face turned lush violet and your fins fluttered about like worried butterflies.


> Your face felt way too hot for your place in the hemospectrum, where did all your cool go??? It certainly wasn’t with you now as you tried not to fidget with your spike studded bracelet. 

> Tall cute trolls were going to be the death of you someday, you just know it.

You only turn 8 once


Laughing, the other troll seemed embarrassed but happy.  He put back his jello shot as well, briefly getting the sensation of fruit rolling across his tongue before he swallowed.  He looked at the little dixie cup curiously and shrugged.  Didn’t seem like it would do much for him really.  Venice was grinning as he watched the two of them and he reached out to Mocha, winking as he invited her over to him with a little smile.

She happily obliged, taking his hand with a grin of her own, blushing slightly. Not that it could be noticed with how violet her face was already. Except maybe her fins were fluttering as well. Why was everyone so much taller than her??